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2021-10-22 04:40:49 By : Ms. Joyce Yin

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When using stained glass, your tools can determine the success or failure of your project. Since the key step in making a masterpiece is to cut these colored fragments into the desired shape and size, you need to use high-quality cutting tools to prevent the glass from shattering or cracking. There are additional and guiding devices, freehand tools, instruments with oil reservoirs and replaceable blades, pen tools-there are many options to choose from, and some research may be required before you make a choice. Next, find our suggestions to make your task easier.

This industry standard equipment is an oil knife, which means that it has an oil depot that can inject oil into the cutter head and grinding wheel while the cutter head and grinding wheel are moving. The oil not only prolongs the life of the grinding wheel itself, but also helps clean cutting. This may lead to a slightly confusing process, but a more precise process. The handle of the knife is made of metal and is easy to operate. Although the cutter has only one blade, a replacement part can be purchased separately when needed.

This oil glass cutter comes in two sizes, narrow and wide, but the narrow is usually more suitable for making colored glass. The cutter head is interchangeable and can be replaced if necessary. The brass handle has a finger grip for more control when cutting.

The design of this glass cutting machine takes into account the user's comfort. The tool will vibrate as the grinding wheel rotates, which will take some time to adapt, but this will make the cutting itself easier to hand and reduce fatigue. The tool is also slightly inclined, so you can hold your hand in a more natural position to really dig deeper. The head is replaceable.

This glass cutter is a heavy-duty version of the brand's more classic Shaw glass cutter. It is made of steel with a ball head and steel wheels. It takes some time to get used to it, so it's best to leave it to experienced users. Although it is a professional-quality product, the wheels are not replaceable.

This complete kit includes a Cutter's Mate guide tool for precise cutting and careful measurement. A cutter that can shape anything from strips to circles to free-form shapes can be attached to the guide rail itself, thus forming a process that is not as freehand as some other pen-type glass cutters. This makes it ideal for professionals and beginners seeking additional guidance.

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