Satori drilled the longest and highest grade interval in the southern zone, with an average of 9.59 g/ton of gold exceeding 11.75 meters

2021-10-22 04:44:22 By : Mr. Anthony Tsai

The interval within the mineralization range above 27.8m is 4.76 g/t

Toronto, Ontario-(Newsfile Corp.-October 7, 2021)-Satori Resources Inc. (TSXV: BUD) ("Satori" or "Company") is pleased to report on the first drilling (TLSZ21-05) As a result, in the second phase of the company's drilling activities, the target was a single site, the Southern District, in the Tartan Lake project 100% owned by Satori, Flin Flon, Manitoba. The results show that the gold mineralization in the deposit area is continuous, and the TLSZ21-05 hole is the longest high-grade interception returned from the southern area so far. This hole is the fifth diamond drill hole of Satori's drilling activity in 2021 and is close to the underground slope/slope. The previously reported borehole was for the Main Zone mineralized area 200 meters northwest (refer to Figure 2).

TLSZ21-05 is the longest and highest grade interval reported for mineral deposits in the southern zone;

Quartz-carbonate-tourmaline veins detected 9.59 g/ton of gold within 11.75 meters;

The mineralization intersection includes 24.23 g/ton gold over 2.00 meters and 13.05 g/ton gold over 3.29 meters; and

Mineralization remains open in depth.

TLSZ21-05 is the first hole drilled in the southern zone during Satori's 2021 second phase of 3000-meter drilling activities. The goal of drilling is to push the explained westerly steep dip to high-grade mineralization (refer to Figure 1).

Figure 1-Long section of the southern area showing the slope distribution and location of the TLSZ21-05 hole

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The cave intersects the mineralization at a depth of about 150 meters from the surface, and is located 100 meters south of the existing underground slope (slope) established in the 1980s. The mineralization in the southern area is east-west trending with a sub-vertical dip, basically parallel to the mineralization of the main area located about 200 meters northwest. The high-grade mineralization of the main area has dropped sharply to the west, and this initial hole in the southern area indicates that the mineralization of the southern area has the same direction.

The results are summarized in Table 1.0 and Figure 1.0 below.

Table 1.0-TLSZ21-05 results

(1) The interval is measured downhole and does not reflect the true width. There is not enough information to estimate the true width.

CEO Jennifer Boyle commented: “These are excellent results for Satori and provide a reliable insight into the potential scale of the project. The Tartan Lake gold project ceased production in 1989, not because of the ore. Exhausted; the price of gold fell below $390 per ounce. For the first time in decades, this project benefited from a new team applying modern technology in a powerful gold environment. The entire project area has been neglected for decades and drilling is sparse. This interception It exceeded our expectations and illustrates the vast potential of Tartan Lake."

A director of Wes Hanson, P. Geo. and Satori said: “We are very satisfied with the results of TLSZ21-05. When the initial hole was tested, the revised interpretation of mineralization control was always exciting, from More than 100 historical boreholes have returned to the highest intercept value so far. The southern zone represents the second opportunity to increase the mineral resources of the project. Both the main zone and the southern zone can use the existing underground infrastructure. Once more results are received , We will evaluate our goals and plan for follow-up vulnerabilities to continue to demonstrate the potential to increase mineral resources."

The goal of TLSZ21-05 is an explained steep west storm line, parallel to the line that Satori successfully displayed in the depth of the main zone. The mineralization intersects at a depth of 150 meters from the surface, 100 meters south of the existing underground slope/slope. The target is open at a depth along the interpreted strike length of 125-150 meters.

The southern intersection encountered in the hole TLSZ21-05 has good foliation and shows strong shear in the deformed jagged gabbro. From 190.3 to 219.1 meters downhole, iron olivine with rich quartz-carbonate-tourmaline-albite veins is widespread. Alterations in the southern zone include amethyst, tourmaline and iron carbonate. Sulfide mineralization is dominated by disseminated and foamed pyrite, with a small amount of chalcopyrite.

Figure 2.0-Surface location map

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Figure 3.0-TLSZ21-05 core from 180.66 meters to 202.74 meters

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Figure 4.0-TLSZ21-05 core from 202.74 meters to 215.45 meters

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The second phase of drilling in the southern zone and the main zone has been completed, and the rig is still on-site waiting for the results of the completion of the drilling along the southern zone and the main zone. Satori has begun reconnaissance mapping and sampling of priority targets elsewhere in the claim group, many of which have limited work to date. The desktop compilation work and enhanced geophysical evaluation carried out in 2020 provide many new opportunities for potential discoveries and resource growth.

Sampling, quality assurance and quality control

All diamond drill holes are NQ diameter (47.6 mm). The drill core is transported to the safety logging facility on site, where it is photographed, geotechnical and geological data recorded and marked as split. Most samples are collected at 1.0 m intervals, with a minimum sample length of 0.3 m and a maximum sample length of 1.5 m to respect the contact with the rock mass structure. All recording, sampling and segmentation are carried out under the supervision of P.Geo. Manage drilling plans. After recording and marking the sample, the core is split, half of the core is sent for analysis, and the other half is kept on site for future reference. Certified reference materials and blanks are inserted into the sample stream at a ratio of one blank to one certified standard for every 20 samples.

The samples were transported in sealed containers to the TSL laboratory in Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan for analysis. All samples used 30 grams of lead to collect fire analysis fusion and atomic adsorption to complete the analysis of gold. In addition, some selected samples were analyzed using the 36-element polyacid ICP-ES analysis method. The samples corresponding to any visible gold observed during the logging process are marked for metal mesh analysis, as are any samples with a detected gold content greater than 5.0 g/ton. All quality control results, including the laboratory’s own control samples, are evaluated before being publicly released.

Satori Director Wes Hanson P.Geo. is a qualified person to review and approve the content of this press release.

About STORI RESOURCES INC. (Toronto Stock Exchange code: BUD)

Satori is a Toronto-based mineral exploration and development company. Its main asset is the Tartan Lake gold project produced in the past, which is located in the prolific Flin Flon greenstone belt in Manitoba. Satori also holds a 100% interest in the New Delhi project, an advanced polymetallic gold project located in the Sudbury mining area in Ontario.

The Tartan Lake project (2,670 hectares) is located about 12 kilometers northeast of Flin Flon, Manitoba, and includes the Tartan Lake Mine (1986-1989); it produced 36,000 ounces of gold from 250,000 tons of ore materials. The remaining infrastructure includes: all-season access, grid-connected power supplies, factories, machinery, warehouses and office buildings, tailings ponds and a 2,100-meter slope, and the development of an underground mining site with a depth of 300 meters from the surface. Gold mineralization is related to coincident quartz-carbonate veins located in a steeply sloping east-west shear zone, up to 30 meters wide. The width of the vein ranges from a few centimeters to a few meters, and the gold grade ranges from 1.0 to +100 g/ton. The mineralization of the mine is currently limited in drilling and deep open.

For more information, please contact:

Jennifer Boyle, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws President and CEO Satori Resources Inc. (416) 904-2714

Mr. Pete Shippen, Chairman of Satori Resources Inc. (416) 930-7711

Neither TSX Risk Exchange nor its regulatory service providers (as the term is defined in the policies of TSX Risk Exchange) are not responsible for the adequacy or accuracy of this press release.

This press release from Satori contains statements that constitute "forward-looking statements." Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors, which may lead to Satori’s actual results, performance or achievements or industry developments and the expected results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements There are significant differences statement.

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